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Fleet Vehicle Services

From ambulances to trucks, fleets come in all shapes and sizes. No matter the type of vehicle or the size of your fleet, Loyola Service in Glenview, IL. can provide service to most fleet vehicles. Yearly inspections, maintenance and tune-ups are all key to keeping your fleet and business on the road.

If one of your fleet vehicles breaks down, Loyola Service makes it our priority to get it back on the road quickly. We provide accurate time estimates so you can know in advance if you need to make arrangements for your fleet. Additionally, with our fleet account program, we can keep track of maintenance for your vehicles to prevent any major repairs.

Corporate fleet vehicles are an integral part to large businesses. Even small businesses sometimes have fleet models to take care of the necessary tasks in order to run a business. Loyola Service is here to assist you with all of your fleet vehicle repairs and maintenance needs. Our corporate fleet service & maintenance program are helping business owners keep their models in super condition. Some services we offer on vehicles include:

  • diesel service,
  • ABS systems repair,
  • air bag system repair,
  • air conditioning service,
  • brake work,
  • computer repair,
  • computerized alignment,
  • electrical repair,
  • emissions repair,
  • heating repair,
  • exhaust system work
  • oil changes.
  • & more

Our website has a list of services that we perform here at Loyola Service. Our corporate fleet service for the Chicagoland area is located in Glenview, IL.  If you own a fleet and are looking for a friendly, responsible and experienced team, call us at 847-729-8740 to schedule your fleet appointment.

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