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Mobile Transponder Key Programming @ Loyola Service

If you drive a vehicle that was built within the last 20 years and it is not equipped with a push-button ignition, chances are that it uses a transponder key. A transponder key has a computer chip located inside the thick plastic key head which is programmed to connect to a computer located inside your vehicle.  Known as a chipped key or a high-security car key, transponder keys were introduced by automotive manufacturers to make vehicles more secure when compared to traditional metal traditional keys.

Vehicles that are equipped with a transponder key will not operate unless a key is inserted into the ignition which has been programmed to the vehicle, even if the key is cut correctly.

Car Key Replacement – Keyless Entry Remote Replacement

Do you have an advanced key FOB that you’ve either lost, need to be reprogrammed, or replaced? Having invested in the advanced key duplication and replacement equipment on the market, Loyola Service is equipped with all the tools to make you a brand new FOB without the long wait.  FOB Keys can easily be duplicated by our experienced locksmiths, even without the original. We enter the correct information into the system and contact the manufacturer of your auto with the details.  We eliminate the need to wait, as our technicians have been specially trained on every make & model of vehicle, so no matter what car or truck you have, we have the best car FOB replacement in the north shore.

Chip Key Programming

The process of programming a high-security car key varies between different makes and models of cars. Some types of vehicles use onboard programming that can be successfully used for chip key programming.

This process eliminates the need for expensive computer equipment and codes when linking a new transponder key to the vehicle, however, this method only works on specific vehicles and requires specialized knowledge regarding the exact steps that need to be taken to successfully link a new chipped key with the onboard.

Vehicles without an onboard programming option need to have new transponder keys programmed using a high-tech coding machine that is available only to licensed, verified locksmith and car dealerships who specialize in laser key cutting. This equipment costs thousands of dollars to purchase, which is why having a new high-security car key costs significantly more than it does to simply cut an old-style metal key.

Regardless of the technique that’s used to program new chip keys for your vehicle, we will need access to your car to complete the job.  You can’t just walk into an auto repair shop and get a new chipped key created without having your vehicle with you. This is because the key needs to be synced with the computer inside your car.

Car Key Duplication and Emergency Lockouts

Duplicating your FOB and keyless entry units and getting you back on your way is how we roll at Loyola Service in Glenview, IL. If you have a problem with your vehicle FOB key, we are here to help. Regardless of the kind of car or truck you drive.


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