Computer Diagnostics -- Free Code Scan

Most cars are equipped with an onboard computer system that is responsible for controlling things like the fuel injectors, spark plugs, the steering system and more.

If something is wrong with your engine, your “check engine light” may tell you. Your vehicle’s computer is telling you something is wrong with its system. When your check engine light comes on bring your car in to Loyola Service so we can have a look at what is going on. If we find an issue we will review what needs to be done before performing any work. We will go over how much, and how long it may take to fix your vehicle so you know exactly what to expect.

So next time your check engine light comes on, don’t ignore it. When it comes to experience, Loyola Service will figure out what is wrong and fix the problem the 1st time! Bring in your vehicle for an inspection at our Glenview, IL. shop. We service Glenview and the North Shore.

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